7 Eleven In Tacoma WA – Case Study

Dec 27, 2017

If you’re interested in purchasing a solid commercial real estate property that could be leased out to clients such as 7-Eleven or alike, you’ll find this case study very useful.

We’ll share the process of closing a deal for a client that looked for a commercial property that is now operated by 7-Eleven in Tacoma WA.

The real estate brokers and agents here at Westwood Net Lease Advisors have years and years of experience, and we have our database of thousands of off-market properties that you can choose from. If you already have a location you’re interested in, our brokers and agents can work with you and make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. And this service is free to you, the buyer.

The Process

A client reached us out through the online free consultation form on our website. The client requested information regarding buying a commercial real estate property in Tacoma WA.

Our advisor Jason Simon contacted back the client and thanked him for reaching us out through the free online consultation form. Jason arranged a convenient time for meeting with the client so they can discuss the sale process and move on with the inquiry. Soon afterward, Jason contacted the client to gather all the required information regarding the property.

A couple of days later, Jason came back to the client with a very good price as the property was on the market for a long time. It took a few extra conversations between the client, Jason, and the seller, and eventually, the deal was sealed and the new client bought the property. The property which was NNN lease type was purchased for $1,344,000 at 5,00% CAP rate.

This property was on the market for a while and Jason’s job was to make sure that both the seller and the buyer can adjust their expectations in such a way that the deal was perceived as beneficial for both parties. This was a clear win for everybody as the buyer wanted to find a valuable property and the seller wanted to sell the property as soon as possible.

This case study is just a small example of how the seasoned broker of Westwood Net Lease Advisors can help you find a very good deal in a very short time.

So if you are interested in selling or buying a real estate property, feel free to reach us out, and we would be more than happy to help you reach your goal.

No matter what the asset group and under which circumstances, we will get you the best deal in the given time, budget and location.

And don’t forget, Westwood brokers help buyers find the best deal possible for free. As a buyer, you don’t owe us anything. The seller is the one that pays Westwood. So as a buyer, you’re fully protected, and no expense at all for you.


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