A Newbie’s Quick Overview of Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Nov 12, 2015

I write about investing in commercial real estate and income property in order to allow the layman to understand, in basic terminology, the justification of owning this necessary component in one’s financial portfolio.

I feel compassionate about the sector for growing up in a real estate family and investing for 45 years, going through endless cycles of economic ups and downs, and in the end, I feel the best place for investment dollars is commercial investment income property.

If the true investor holds on long enough and has taken dollars and set them aside for this type of investment without having to pull them out too soon, the end result will most likely conclude with long-term steady upward income and higher valuation of the property.

What are the most important success factors in commercial real estate?

Of course knowing where to buy, what to buy and why can be the main determinants of a successful outcome at the beginning of the process. Westwood Net Lease Advisors, your teammate, can help you from day one to give you a far better chance of succeeding in the future.

You make the money at the very beginning when purchasing at the right price, with the right investment property for you and the right asset group. Since there are numerous income properties to chose from, which one suits you is the question and why?

We will explain the vast differences between sectors and the risk /reward tolerance level you have. The amount of capital you have to place in long-term and your loan preference if any when investing.

From triple nets, to shopping centers,  retail, industrial, office or alternative strategies including future benefits for saving taxes like 1031 trades, Westwood helps define the meaning and sensibility of investing in commercial real estate for future wealth accumulation with the least amount of risk

What should be your end goal when considering commercial real estate investment?

Steady rental income, tax savings, appreciation and overall financial stability with less risk are the end goals for the investment income candidate.

Looking To Buy Commercial Property?

Find out why triple-net lease real estate investments should be part of your investment portfolio.