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Westwood Net Lease Advisors

When it comes to selecting a commercial real estate brokerage firm to help you invest your money, you need advisors, not salespeople. Like no other triple net company in the United States, the Westwood team focuses on representing and advising buyers who seek to acquire NNN lease properties for the first time, seasoned commercial real estate investors, and those who wish to use the 1031 exchange.

When you engage Westwood to help you with NNN investing, we guide you through the process from the risk assessment all the way through closing – at no cost to you. Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation. 314-997-5227

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“Proprietary digital tools are important for buyers’ advisors, but investors searching for an optimal NNN investment still need personal attention and the knowledge a buyer-advisor relationship offers. With a triple-net lease transaction, there’s too much at stake to shop online and buy from the seller’s agent.”
Chris Schellin

President/Principal, Westwood Net Lease Advisors

The NNN Buyer-Advisor Journey

When you work with one of our advisors, first we set out to understand your goals – financial, family, lifestyle, and more. By presenting sample investments, we quickly come to fully understand your risk tolerance and narrow the range of investments to those optimized for your specific situation and needs.

We scour our national database of both on and off-market properties, communicate daily with our industry connections, including developers and private sellers, and present you with suitable NNN lease property options. We share detailed financial projections, accompanied by quantified and qualified assessments of the opportunities and risks.

Our team is thorough as we take a deep dive into existing leases and terms, the detailed finances of the tenant, and the stability of the overall industry. This allows us to provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential NNN lease investment, so you are prepared, equipped, and educated. Knowledge empowers you to make the right decision for your specific situation and needs.

No other firm in the nation applies this methodical, advisory approach to the NNN investment process.

Why Use a NNN Lease Advisor?

A Westwood Net Lease Advisor listens to and uncovers your needs, risk tolerance, and investment goals then finds solutions that fit that framework. Our advisory helps you learn and assess what properties could work and, just as importantly, which ones won’t be in your best interests.

Westwood Advisors carefully pre-qualify and educate everyone with whom we work, so you receive preferential treatment from our nationwide network of sellers and their agents. This means:

  • You frequently receive the first opportunity to buy a property before it goes on the market.
  • You are positioned for priority when it comes to letters of intent and contract acceptance.

We are true advisors, not order-takers. Our goal is to be your most trusted representative when it comes to buying or selling single-tenant retail properties or any type of commercial real estate. Given that our firm is highly specialized, our advisors offer in-depth knowledge of the net lease market which allows you to make the most well-informed and educated decisions.

The Westwood Client Advantage

When Westwood Net Lease Advisors represents you during your NNN investment process, there is a culmination of factors that provide a distinct client advantage, resulting in the most ideal property investment for your objectives.

  1. Westwood is well-known in the marketplace with a national reputation as one of the top net lease brokerage firms in the country, which leads sellers and brokers to reach out to Westwood first, often before properties go on the market.
  2. Our advisors perform all necessary upfront work before an offer is ever made, so our transactions carry weight in the industry, encouraging offer acceptance.
  3. Our team possesses vast experience in the net lease market, from NNN properties and 1031 exchanges to sale-leasebacks, making transactions smooth and worry-free.
  4. Westwood understands the details of the 1031 exchange and helps clients maximize the tax deferral within the tight IRS timeline.
  5. We use a proprietary database to identify pre-sale, developing, and off-market opportunities, information not available to the public.
  6. Westwood has a substantial referral network and an external, reputable “team” of nationwide attorneys, lenders, environmental engineers, cost segregation companies, and title companies who assist clients as needed.
  7. Our entire team works closely with you and all parties involved in the NNN transaction to free up your time, help avoid mistakes, and provide peace of mind that your investment is sound.


NNN Lease Property & 1031 Exchange Specialists

No-Cost Representation to the NNN Lease Buyer

Our team provides full representation at no cost to buyers throughout the entire investing process, from pre-property search through closing. This also includes identifying and serving as a liaison between lenders, title companies, and cost segregation experts to optimize the entire transaction and minimize tax liability. We offer:

  • Objective advice, education, knowledge, and advocacy.
  • An evaluation and a risk tolerance assessment.
  • Exploration of the best price and cap rates and different classes of investment opportunities.
  • An inventory of properties, including off-market and developing properties.
  • Assistance with negotiations on price and review of lease terms.
  • Presentation of a Letter of Intent (LOI).
  • Evaluation of tenant financials and credit ratings.
  • Due diligence services to ensure the property is safe, viable, and that there are no surprises.
  • Expertise to guide you in the detailed financial and tax considerations.
  • Collaboration with the seller’s agent, lenders, attorneys, and other parties involved to close the deal on time.
“Westwood Net Lease Advisors is rare in that we primarily represent buyers. We work hard to find the best investment for your lifestyle and goals and guide you through the entire process with ease, from the property search to closing.”
Jason Simon

Vice President, Westwood Net Lease Advisors

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