Case Study: AMC Urgent Care

May 2, 2018

Acquiring a commercial real estate property is not an easy job at all. You should keep an eye on many details so you can close a solid deal. Doing this on your own can be more difficult than you think.

As a Buyer’s Agent, I, Jason Simon helped a buyer close a deal on a commercial property with an active lease from a very desirable tenant, the Access Medical Center – Urgent Care.

In this text, I’ll briefly walk you through the process so you can know how commercial property investors should be treated when looking for a good property to buy.

Please keep in mind that Westwood always acts as a Buyer’s Agent. We work with investors such as yourself, who are looking for a good commercial property to buy. In many cases, we help buyers find a property that already has a solid tenant in place.

Initial Contact with Westwood Net Lease Advisors

The client contacted Westwood Net Lease Advisors by filling in the online application form on our website. When we received the application, I, Jason Simon contacted the client and arranged a meeting.

The client explained that he was interested in buying the medical center in Moore, OK as soon as possible. He had a fixed budget and the desired CAP rate. I came back with a shortlist of properties that matched the client’s budget and CAP rate and were in the Moore, OK area.

Purchase and Negotiation

After several attempts of negotiation with potential sellers, I managed to put together a solid Letter of Intent for a real estate property for $1,638,000 with a CAP rate of 6.30%. Thanks to a solid Letter of Intent and the branded Westwood offer made our offer the favorite offer for the seller’s agent.

This resulted in a quick close of the deal, and both the buyer and the seller were pleased with how I led the process.

The added benefit of this transaction is that I worked with the new owner of the property to continue the NNN Lease deal with AMC Urgent Care and ensure immediate positive cashflow for the investor.

About Westwood Net Lease Advisors

With over 18+ experience on the market, Westwood has managed to help hundreds of commercial property investors. Our commercial real estate brokers have managed commercial transactions spanning from $1M to $100M deals for small and big commercial investors. We help buyers with history checks of the location, and we help with financing the deal.

This has made Westwood the favorite Buyer’s Agent that seller brokers love to work with. Our brand recognition can save you hundreds of thousands, even millions in your next commercial property investment.

If you are planning to invest in commercial real estate for the first time, or you are a seasoned commercial property owner, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you into the Commercial Property market or with a 1031 Exchange of your existing property.

All our services as a Buyer’s Agent is free for the buyer/investor. Buyer’s Agents split the selling fee that the Seller’s Agent gets from the property owner. You, the buyer, get this service for free.

Whatever your investment scenario is, feel free to contact us.

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