Before Investing In Commercial Real Estate, Income Properties, Real Estate Investment Properties, Ask Yourself These Questions

Jun 11, 2015

  1. How much cash do you have to work with?
  2. Do you want to take on debt?
  3. Type of real estate you want? (office, warehouse, retail, medical, etc.)
  4. What expected return you need to be happy?
  5. What risk are you willing to take to gain reward?
  6. Long term or short term strategy?
  7. What is the purpose, cash flow now long-term growth?

Are you accredited investor, meaning net worth of over a million not counting your equity in your personal house or have you earned over two hundred thousand the past two years in income opening yourself up to other alternative strategies only accredited investors can review?

income properties, investing in CREDo you want to diversify or buy one property?

Do you have any past credit problems?

Do you want to use monies in your Ira account for real estate investing?

Understand Your Goals Ahead of time

To mitigate any future problem in making a decision with investing in commercial real estate, investment properties or income properties, understand your goals ahead of time and use your due diligence period to thoroughly check out the area and location as well as the building that you are selecting.

Cap Rates OR IRR?

cap rates or IRR in income propertiesCap rates are just a basic indicator but mean little in the overall approach of an REAL estate investment. Internal rate of return is much more important in the overall decision of moving forward.

Interested in moving to the next level, and acquiring commercial income properties that will help you reach your passive income goals?

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