Caliber Collision: NNN Tenant of the Quarter Q4 2022

Oct 13, 2022

Caliber Collision celebrates 25 years as an automotive service leader, recently opening location number 1,500 while operating in 40 US states. Not only was Caliber recognized as one of “America’s Best Large Employers in 2021” by Forbes, but this brand is also a leading NNN lease investment, which is why Westwood Net Lease Advisors has named Caliber Collision our triple net (NNN) Tenant of the Quarter, Q4, 2022.

Caliber Collision Business Outlook

As the last few years have proven, certain retail businesses remain recession-proof, pandemic-proof, and internet-proof, and auto parts and repair fall into that category. According to a Global Market Insights Inc. study, “Automotive collision repair market revenue is anticipated to record a valuation of $310 billion by 2027. A rise in the number of independent repair shops will bolster automotive collision repair market size over the assessment period.”

Caliber Collision, headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, is leading the auto service market with an estimated revenue of $4 billion. In addition to being a stable, reliable NNN lease investment with a lease guarantee by high-credit CH Holding Corp., Caliber Collision and its subsidiaries, Caliber Auto Care, Caliber Glass, and Caliber Fleet, continue to win awards for customer satisfaction and employee care –– the only auto industry company to do so. Caliber currently serves 1.8 million customers annually, and that number is on the rise with each newly opened location.

Caliber Collision NNN Lease Benefits

Caliber Collision and its subsidiaries, Caliber Auto Care, Caliber Glass, and Caliber Fleet, rank as one of the best auto service triple net lease investments in the marketplace. Caliber Collision, a high-credit tenant, meets every one of our criteria for a solid NNN investment, including operating with long-term, corporate-guaranteed NNN leases with built-in rent escalations, doing business in prime locations, and a focus on growth, technology, and customer satisfaction.

The average sale price of a 10,000–15,000 square foot Caliber Collision is around $4M with cap rates in the region of 5.00%, give or take for market fluctuations.

Monthly Income Guarantee & Less Risk: Stability in Any Economy

  • Caliber Collision centers operate with 10- to 15-year corporate-guaranteed, low- or no-maintenance NNN leases for income stability, predictability, lifestyle freedom, and less risk.
  • This NNN tenant is a recession-resistant, pandemic-resistant, and internet-resistant essential retailer with a proven pandemic history, so there’s very little if any, concern about future monthly income and stability.

Inflation Protection

Long-term Predictable Income

  • A corporate-guaranteed lease by an investment-grade tenant provides long-term security and predictable income.
  • Caliber Collision NNN leases also offer renewal options so you can continue to own your auto service property well past the original lease term for income dependability.

Tangible Asset on Valuable Real Estate

  • Caliber Collision service centers typically sit on 0.75 to 2.0-acre parcels with high traffic counts in high population, dense retail areas with high visibility, and easy access, which presents the opportunity for resale ROI and/or easy re-tenanting.

Smart Trade with a 1031 Exchange

  • You can utilize the 1031 exchange to trade up to a stable, income-producing, maintenance-free or very low maintenance Caliber Collision from a high-maintenance or under-performing property.

Bonus Depreciation Tax Benefit

  • Caliber Collision is one NNN lease investment that qualifies for bonus depreciation. This tax benefit allows taxpayers to deduct additional depreciation for the cost of qualifying new or used business property, beyond normal allowances. A qualifying property can be depreciated 100% all at once between September 27, 2017, and January 01, 2023. Then the federal tax benefit begins to phase out, reducing to 80% in 2023, then by 20% per year until 2026.

Man sliding a stack of money across a desk to another person for CAM fees

To Wrap it Up –– Caliber Collision NNN Tenant of the Quarter Q4 2022

Caliber Collision has earned Westwood’s NNN Tenant of the Quarter designation for Q4, 2022, by providing award-winning service to its customers, employees, and communities, and for its commitment to the company’s net lease investors like you. NNN Caliber assets offer prime properties at moderate price points with long-term, stable, worry-free monthly income that preserves capital and builds wealth.

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