Commercial Investment Properties Surpass Most Alternative Investment Strategies

Jan 26, 2017

If you, the investor, are truly concerned with steady cash flow, Net income, possible appreciation and tax advantages – along with wonderful financial tools that enable you to purchase properties that are out of your normal reach – then you’ve found the right investment.

Commercial Investment Properties Make Leverage Opportunities Affordable

Not only do commercial investment properties provide passive income but they also make leverage opportunities affordable to many investors.

Just think, you have a wonderful margin between the Cap rates that you can purchase the properties for and the lending rates that are below the CAP rates enabling you, the investor, to increase your cash flow.

Real estate income property strategy avoids the wild swings of the stock market common with commodities, gold, silver, and bonds. Many of us in various economic cycles have been wiped out within days in the stock market. This would be a rarity for investors who own commercial investment properties with quality tenants in good areas.

Real Estate Has The Greatest Safety And Surest Return

The most influential and prosperous families in the world have all owned significant portions of real estate in their portfolios. Major countries like Russia, China, and Japan have all placed significant funds into the United States real estate market. They know it has the greatest safety and surest return in the world today.

The vast diversity of real estate sectors allows the investor to pick and choose what they feel most comfortable, similar to a fine restaurant with a great menu.

Properties range from apartments to retail, warehouse, office, storage, assisted-living student housing, hotels, convenience stores and medical – the list goes on and on. Whether the investor chooses to place most of their equity in one or two buildings or diversification of many, the options are open to all.

Get A Professional Team Of Experts

By having a professional team of experts behind you such as a tax attorney, CPA, professional real estate broker, it is quite easy to find and select the right strategy and asset group that each investor would feel a comfort level. From stabilized assets with credit tenants and a steady income to value-add assets that require some work and effort, everyone can be satisfied.

If you are a serious investor and truly want to learn all your options and see a large sector of opportunities, contact Jeffrey Gitt 314-757 1031 or write [email protected] for a free consultation.

With 47 years of experience and past ownership of 3 million sq. ft., I’m in a position to guide and identify the right route for you to take to satisfy your investment goals.

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