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Step 1:

Let us know what sort of commercial property or asset group you would prefer to discuss.

Step 2:

Let our brokers compile a list of properties that match your risk/reward tolerance level.

Step 3:

Review suggestions and make your selection for the optimal investment opportunity.

Take 2 minutes, and see how Westwood can help you avoid a bad commercial real estate investment.

There are hundreds of websites with thousands of commercial real estate opportunities for sale to choose from. With so many choices it’s very difficult to get to a shortlist of commercial properties and the chances are that by the time you build that list, the best options will already be sold.

Too much selection work, leading to no real positive result.

Even if your shortlist survives, it is difficult to reliably know the full history of the property. With commercial buildings, there are hundreds of things that can go astray: structural damage, electrical, sewage, environmental issues, easements and survey problems.

And even if all that is taken care of, you are still in the dark as to the actual cashflow potential of the location in 5, 7, 10, 20 years down the road.

Too many unknowns, and yet only one shot to get it right.


This is where Westwood Net Lease Advisors comes in handy.

We managed and partially owned over 3 million square feet of real estate for our trustworthy clients

We have done over 1 billion dollars in real estate trade in the past few years

We have over 18 years of experience


We are experts in our field. We are ready to work with you and our advice is completely ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET COST. We get paid by the seller, not the buyer.

Even if you already have a shortlist, we can help you make the right pick for your investment style and work with you and the seller for an optimal deal conclusion.

With access to dozens of unlisted properties in our database, you will get the best match for your budget, desired cashflow, location, and property type with the help of our reliable real estate brokers.

No hidden costs, no unpleasant surprises, no scary cashflow scenarios.

We’ve been trusted by thousands of investors over the years ranging from investments of below $1M to deals closing near the $100M mark.

Every year, hundreds of real estate investors trust our expertise. Our experience can also help you make your real estate investment pick without any frustration, fear, or doubt whether that location really is the best fit for your risk/reward scenario.

Regardless of what type of commercial property you are looking for:

  • Retail Triple Net
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Facilities, Etc,

…our commercial real estate brokers will be able to provide you an excellent shortlist of properties for your consideration. All we need is specific details that are important to you (size, price, location, cap rate, lease term, value add, equity, debt info…), and we will get back to you with the shortlist of ideal real estate properties for your investment scenario.

And remember, all this advice is absolutely ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET COST for you.

Get A Property Short-List And A Complimentary Consultation
From An Experienced Westwood Real Estate Advisor

Make sure you describe your ideal real estate investment scenario in the form on the right, leave your contact info, and our brokers will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Price: $1,417,000

Cap: 6%

State: Texas

City: Pleasanton


Urgent Care

Price: $3,033,000

Cap: 6.80%

State: Texas

City: Lumberton


Sherwin Williams

Price: $760,080

Cap: 5.00%

State: Florida



Advance Auto

Price: $1,340,425

Cap: 7.05%

State: Wisconsin

City: Wisconsin Rapids



Price: $3,255,000


State: Illinois

City: Decatur


Dollar General

Price: $1,492,388


State: Texas

City: Tye

408 Results returned.Per Page

“Thank you Westwood Net Lease Advisors for allowing me to sleep at night. I didn’t pay capital gains taxes when I sold my four-family flat, and I obtained a great national company, Family Dollar, which sends me one check a month. I no longer get calls from tenants. I spend my time playing golf instead of listening to their complaints. You guys are terrific.”

– Mike Overly, Florida

”Life has been so much easier for us since we bought our Walgreens location. A 1031 trade saving us taxes and giving a good return is one thing, but the great appreciation of value is a wonderful benefit. Thanks for directing us into value rather than the higher cap rate.”

– Sara Tyswell, Nebraska

Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial real estate properties?
Commercial real estate property is a specific type of property that is used mainly for business purposes. These commercial properties are leased out to provide a working space instead of a living space.

  • Retail Triple Net Property
  • Retail Strip Centers
  • Warehouse Buildings,
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Office Buildings,
  • Medical Facilities etc.

all these fall in the general category of Commercial Real Estate. If you want to invest in such a property, get in touch with us. We have worked in the real estate industry for so long that we have our own internal database of unlisted properties that practically nobody else knows.

Why you should consider investing in commercial real estate?
Investing in commercial real estate can be attractive because of the lucrative leasing rates for the real estate investors. This kind of real estate investment can be a nice hedge against the instability of the stock market. Investors can make money easy with the returns generated through rents of their tenants.
What are the types of commercial real estate properties?

Retail Single Tenant

  1. Office Buildings – (single-tenant properties, small office buildings, skyscrapers, etc)
  2. Industrial – (from small “Flex” or “R&D” properties, to large “big box” industrial properties)
  3. Multifamily – (anything larger than a fourplex, high-rise apartment complexes)
  4. Land – (investment properties on raw, undeveloped, rural land that need future development)
  5. Miscellaneous – (any other nonresidential properties such as hotel, medical, hospitality, etc)
What is direct commercial real estate investment?
Direct real estate means investing directly in real estate equity or debt, rather than indirectly holding it through a vehicle on the public stock market like a REIT. Another alternative is through real estate limited partnership, where you invest a certain amount of equity and are not responsible for the debt or other management or leasing issues. You can’t lose more than you placed into a deal.

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