Commercial Real Estate: Historically, The Preferred Choice for Wealth Building

Jan 13, 2015

Since man first attempted to gain fortune, fame and power, commercial real estate investment properties have been the driving force behind the majority of entrepreneurs. From the time man wanted land to conquer and farm, along with raising animals, and built castles while conquering masses of land and its people, real estate has been the driving force.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties – The Best Source Of True Economic Power

Stocks and bonds, commodities and currency are primary sources of economic power but have never equaled real estate investment properties as the standard of high status of the super rich and their associates.

Dubai Commercial Real EstateThe symbol of towering office towers and hotels, castles and massive entertainment centers such as Las Vegas and Dubai are examples of the much sought after status symbol of wealthy developers and the countries screaming out to the masses “We have reached the pinnacle of success, look what we own!”

Just last week the investors that purchased the entire company of Sachs Fifth Ave sold the headquarters real estate for almost 4 billion in Ny almost twice as much as they paid for the entire company.

If you don’t own real estate investment properties you can’t consider yourself a solid well diversified safe investor, Stocks bonds, gold silver fluctuate on any tragedy or world eruption but solid real estate investment properties don’t seem to have the same volatility in such a short period of time that can effect the other investments.


My experience in commercial real estate investment properties over 45 years has demonstrated a steady increase in value over every ten year period from the ten years previously. Even the worst areas in the USA seem to eventually get discovered as the next area of demolition where future growth can come into fruition.

Ten to twenty five percent of a person’s portfolio should be geared to real estate investment properties diversified into different sectors and different areas . Retail, apartments,warehouse, medical, storage, student housing and senior care can all play a role in smart investment.


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