Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties

Jun 18, 2015

Today we will show you what does it take to start investing in commercial real estate investment properties and how to start off on the right foot.

Take a look at the list we prepared for you.

1. Get a professional advice from a real estate broker that specializes in the asset sector that you want to interest in.

2. Have a real estate attorney at your beckon call.

when investing in commercial real estate investment always hire a real estate broker3. Seek advice with a CPA tax authority especially if you are considering a 1031 exchange property and have an intermediary ready in the wings.

4. Be prepared with a certain amount of equity and be ready to borrow significant funds to acquire these commercial real estate investment properties.

5. Spend the time seeking out all the options and consequences to these various options based on your risk-reward tolerance level.

6. Ask many questions and the consequences if something should go sour in your investment property.

commercial real estate investments long-term goals7. How long are you interested in tying up your money and your long-term goals for the real estate investment property?

8. What kind of cash on cash return or cash flow is necessary based on your equity invested?

9. How much or little time do you want to devote to the income property. Passive income or work hard for higher returns?

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