Which Factor Is Critical When Selecting The Best Commercial Properties?

Aug 1, 2016

After 47 years of doing deals in commercial properties myself and others – and without reading a single book created by ghostwriters that claim they are experts in investment property transactions – I can now tell that common sense is more likely to gain you success than real estate for dummies in book form.

I’m not proclaiming to be Donald Trump but I am certain that with less than an hour discussion with the majority of potential or experienced real estate investors: the commonsense approach I follow will help the investor gain the insight. This way he will be able to feel more confident in making an enhanced logical decision of what direction to head in with their investment dollars or trades.

Buying, selling, fixing, managing, leasing, financing and building commercial properties for my entire life, making errors and overcoming problems has given me the valuable knowledge to pass on to the real estate investor, nationwide in most asset groups, the basic commonsense directives.

Whether 1031 trade strategies or value-add deals or straightforward Triple Net, NNN, or Net Net Net properties, all still require more than book smarts but street smarts that are added into the mix.

All of us in every aspect of life have strengths and weaknesses but realizing that sometimes another viewpoint from a more experienced player may be your ticket to better results.

Thinking you are the sharpest knife in the drawer can backfire when you don’t have all the total options to be able to choose from the entire menu.

What Do You Need To Know About Commercial Properties?

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Daily, when I speak to dozens of experienced real estate investors nationwide that come across as stubborn, know it all experts that because they made some nice deals in the past think they have nothing to learn from a stranger and won’t listen past your name and first sentence of the introduction.

I laugh, for those same investors are hurting themselves since they lack all of the new and most efficient ways today to combat the ever-changing tax laws and low returns that are offered in high-quality commercial properties.

Because they were fortunate to purchase in higher CAP rate environments years ago, they think for some reason the same strategy they used then applies today. Laughable is my answer and stubbornness will kill them going forward applying the same investment vehicles they used years ago.

Between depreciation, 1031 trade options, changing asset class along with diversification options, there are a whole host of reasons to go after a particular deal or trade out of a headache or property with perhaps little to no depreciation remaining.

How To Contact Westwood

I am not claiming I’m the most successful investor on the planet but I do claim I’m one that has vast experience in helping others gain the full menu of options for each scenario that could come up and willing to share that knowledge solely based on a possible future relationship with you, but not an obligation by you for involvement for real estate deals you may perform.

Call and let’s get acquainted and possibly learn about strategies you are not utilizing currently that can only help you make better decisions for future real estate transactions.

Saving capital gains tax, increasing cash on cash returns with less risk of losing your principal and possibly diversifying into various asset groups could help you overall.

Interested in investing in commercial properties, net lease, or 1031 exchange? Don’t hesitate to contact us.







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