Ivy League Degree? Street Smart And Experience Wins Out in the Commercial Income Property Field!

Apr 21, 2015

Are you the type of person that thinks they know everything based on graduating from an Ivy League school but lacks the experience of purchasing, selling, managing, financing, fixing and leasing commercial income property.

When you are ill do you read journals, Google terms then self diagnose yourself or go to a professional experienced Doctor?

If you are over 60 years of age, stubborn set in your ways and have had past success in commercial real estate income properties? Just remember there is ALWAYS someone better, more savvy and more successful than you in every city and state!

commercial income property smart guys

Open Your Mind And Gain Street Smarts When Buying Commercial Income Property

Instead of arguing about listening to newer strategies and investment opportunities, open your mind no matter what success you have had in the past, there is NO guarantee for the future.

Whether triple net properties, 1031 exchanges, zero cash flow deals, partnering with more sophisticated partners in all asset groups of commercial real estate or open up to alternative strategies, open your ears to street smart experienced advisors.

Don’t fight city hall, join the commonsense investors and listen more, talk less and gain the experience from street smart realtors.

Quit telling everyone you have to control all aspects of your own deal every time, since the other person could easily make you look like an amateur in a lot of cases. Maybe giving up total controls is your best avenue.


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