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What is a 1031 exchange?

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What’s Included:

– Part 1 –

  • What is a 1031 Exchange?
  • Why should you consider a 1031 Exchange?
  • Benefits of a 1031 Exchange
  • Who should consider a 1031 Exchange?
  • The rules of a 1031 Exchange
  • Timelines of a 1031 Exchange
  • Types of properties that you are allowed to trade into
  • Find out the difference between Reverse Exchanges, Construction & Improvement Exchanges, Reverse Construction Exchanges, Delayed Exchanges
  • Advice on how to handle financing during a 1031 Exchange

– Part 2 –

  • What is a single tenant triple-net investment?
  • What makes them so important?
  • Process of acquiring triple-nets
  • Explanation of differences between Triple-net lease structures
  • Depreciation, why it is so important
  • Learn which states do not have state income taxes
  • In depth reports on 6 Retail Tenants to keep a close eye on
  • A look into Tenant in Common (TIC) properties
  • Importance of Portfolio Diversification
  • Why one should invest into real estate