New Investor Earns Easy Monthly Income

Aug 22, 2019

Dollar General, Romance, Arkansas

Spring 2019

Price: $1,088,895

Cap rate: 7.15%

First-time Investor Buys Lucrative NNN Property

A first-time investor, who was not only totally new to real estate investing but also to the triple-net (NNN) market, contacted Westwood Net Lease Advisors for help with a potential investment. Not knowing where to start the process, he reached out to Westwood to learn more about commercial real estate (CRE) investing and locate a lucrative, income-producing property.

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The Process That Lead to a Great Deal

To determine his risk-tolerance, advisors Mike Kocur and Phil Bundren started with a thorough evaluation of his financial and lifestyle goals and performed a financial analysis. This in-depth due diligence from the very start is critical to determine the type of investment that will work for any investor, especially one who has never invested before. We determined that our client wanted a maintenance-free, low-risk, income-producing investment anywhere in the country. A perfect fit for a NNN investment!

Once he decided to look at NNN properties with high-credit corporations and long-term guaranteed leases, we used our nationwide database and industry connections to locate a customized inventory of properties, including some that weren’t even on the market yet. As we narrowed his choices down to those that fit his goals, we explored the best price and cap rates and different classes of investments, evaluated tenant financials and credit ratings, and readily presented a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Dollar General in Romance, Arkansas.

Meanwhile, we assessed pricing, sales performance, and lease terms, and looked at the best ways for him to maximize financial and tax considerations, like cost segregation depreciation. When the offer was accepted by the seller, we helped him progress through the deal, step-by-step. We also provided a reputable network of resources, including legal counsel, a lender, a title company, and closing agents, and advised him all the way through the closing.

“It was satisfying to see an individual with little-to-no experience in commercial real estate investing learn a vast amount about the net-lease property market, and use this information to make a purchase and begin to diversify into owning commercial properties.” – Phillip Bundren, Westwood Net Lease Advisor

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To Wrap it Up –Happy Client, Rewarding Result

We are happy to say, our first-time buyer was pleased with Mike’s and Phil’s teamwork that ensured a smooth NNN investing process and is now enjoying his guaranteed 15-year income stream that comes like clockwork, with no worries or effort on his part.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, nothing outweighs the benefits of a dedicated net-lease advisor when it comes to investing your hard-earned money in CRE and NNN properties. Our Westwood Net Lease Advisors’ team is passionate about helping our clients, from the initial inquiry to closing, with fruitful investments that offer time-freedom and steady monthly income – all at no cost to the buyer. Contact Mike or Phil today for a free no-obligation consultation and see how far NNN investing can take you! 314-997-5227.

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