Case Study: NNN for a Seasoned Investor

Apr 25, 2019

Family Dollar, Cottageville, SC

April 25, 2019

Price 1,319,444

Cap 7.2%

Westwood Net Lease Advisors Finds a Hidden NNN Gem

An experienced commercial real estate broker with over 25 years of extensive knowledge had been looking for a NNN investment close to Charleston, South Carolina, for a long time without success. It was important to him that his investment is within 30 minutes of his home – he’s someone who prefers keeping an eye on his properties and has a keen sense of the area’s economics.

This savvy buyer finally decided to reach out to Westwood Net Lease Advisors on the off-chance that we could locate a property that suited his goals. And we did! In a short amount of time. Once he contacted Westwood, Mike Kocur worked quickly and efficiently to locate an off-market Family Dollar with a high cap rate in a developing area. Everything about the investment fit his criteria and financial goals.

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How a Buyer’s Advisor Helps Even a Savvy Investor

No matter how experienced an investor may be, partnering with a buyer’s advisor who acts as a personal representative ensures investment goals are met. In this case, throughout the process, we worked alongside our investor to ensure everything fit our strict requirements for a good investment and worked in favor of our buyer. Before a letter of intent (LOI) was presented, our team verified a few essential factors like credit-worthiness and sales numbers, tenant financials, cap rate, and an analysis of the real estate.

We assisted our client throughout the process as needed in an advisory and transactional capacity. Since he is a commercial real estate broker himself, he had the knowledge and capability to purchase on his own, but our specific NNN lease expertise complemented his experience and made for a swift, smooth closing.

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To Wrap it Up –Local or Nationwide NNN Investing

Partnering with a buyer’s advisor, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, can be the difference between losing money or making money, giving up in frustration or growing your portfolio with ease. Whether you’re looking locally or nationwide, Westwood has vast market knowledge and is well-known in the marketplace. Contact Mike at Westwood Net Lease Advisors today, 314-584-9857, or feel free to call the office and ask for Mike, 314-997-5227. He can help you find that needle in a haystack and simplify your NNN lease buying experience.

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