Off-Market And Unique Strategies Beats The Normal Pick Of Market Listings

Jan 24, 2017

Public websites are a nice way of viewing properties offered to the national audience at usually very low CAP rates. In addition, the competition for these public investment properties is fierce causing the general investor to overpay.

Unique Strategies

unique strategies in real estate

Westwood Net Lease Advisors specializes not only in the Triple and Double Net investment properties but with its many contacts has various off-market properties as well as strategies for passive income and 1031 exchanges.

Anyone can view the properties offered by Loopnet and Costar, but only a few investors can view the off-market inventory that is the cream of the crop and not chased by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. If you want to find the best casual dining opportunities in the USA or warehouse deals, assisted living, apartments or medical, call or write me. Not only will you be introduced to these select deals but discover new unique strategies to purchase or do a 1031 exchange that most likely you’ve never heard of.

Property Opportunitiesunique strategies for commercial real estate investing

Learn the Difference Between Real Estate Income Properties. Why purchase a Triple Net instead of apartments or buy a warehouse instead of an office building?

Can you write off your investment property faster with one asset group over another? Do you have more than one option to a 1031 exchange satisfying your debt and equity and maybe overpay for the next purchase rather than pay a capital gains tax and recapture of depreciation?

With 47 years of experience and past ownership of 3 million SQ. Ft., I’m in a position to guide and identify the right route for you to take to satisfy your investment goals.

Age factors, active or passive roles played, gambler or conservative, value add player or stabilized asset with a steady income, a hands-on investor or willing to partner with the best pros in the business in all asset groups, the choice is yours with our vast base of income properties.

Looking forward to your call or message to start a commercial real estate relationship.

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