Why Hiring A Professional Commercial Real Estate Advisor Might Save You A Fortune

Sep 22, 2016

Most investors today investing in commercial real estate properties or investment income properties cannot keep up with the changes occurring in the marketplace that might vastly affect their future real estate investments.

The top professionals in the field receive monthly updates of the trends and stats that back up the reason to ignore a certain marketplace/sector or go forward on others.

But more than receiving the info, can the professional digest the stats correctly and pass that info on to the investors?

This takes past experience and longevity in the industry based on going through all the past cycles to determine future outcomes.

Unless you are not a true seasoned professional that keeps updated on all real estate trends affecting retail, warehouse, office, medical, apartments, don’t assume that you are making the right decision on future commercial investments.

professional retail shop

Let’s take this week as an example that was stated in real estate sections from specialized publications that seasoned pros receive and digest. Five states are faring badly behind others in respect of apartment growth and increasing rents.

Can you name them? My guess is no.

Another fact is that small towns dependent on many grocery chains and dollar stores due to the vicinity of the homeowner versus the retailer are now being redirected to Amazon sales.

Instead, the rural homeowner is not going to the retail store hurting the business of the grocer or dollar store thus possibly risking their future. Amazon sales are increasing. They are cheaper, easier and less time spent to buy what can be delivered to the rural homeowner’s door.

Medical Building, Assisted Living Memory Care, Or Storage And Apartments?professional medical care

  • Why is medical maybe better today? Many doctors are now teaming up and sharing offices near hospitals in order to cut costs and be more efficient than in the past. Insurance and Obama Care are severely hurting the doctors. Thus they need to combat the system with new concepts and strategic real estate plays to earn a good living.
  • Assisted living memory care now leading the field in real estate investments for higher returns less risk for your investment dollars spent. Why? There is a severe shortage due to living longer baby boomers and older citizens can’t live on their own and need services the family cannot provide.
  • Storage and apartments are a key element in dwellings for years to come for the future homeowner are stuck not getting the loan they desire or the price of the home is too high or the rates will be rising. Thus they need to stay in apartments longer which lack storage, thus storage facilities will do great taking up the slack that apartments can’t offer the renter.

What’s The Best Fit For You?

Along with Amazon sales rising and large box retailers needing distribution centers all over the country, warehouses are hot and very desirable for the commercial real estate investor. Getting the product to the customer on time requires these distribution centers being placed all over the country to ship out to the clients nearby.

What is the best commercial investment today? There are a lot of choices based not only on returns but safety, growth, and stability for the future.

What looks better than another?

The average investor has no clue but simply guessing without the help from a professional commercial broker.

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