Real Estate Income Property: The Steady Investment Strategy

May 4, 2015

Whether you like stocks, bonds, gold or silver nothing is steadier than real estate income property over time.

Years go by and you can count on one thing through up and down cycles with the end result is real estate income property recovers and prospers as time ticks on.

Some of the worst areas of the country eventually rebound and newly discovered areas that have been in the doldrums come to light with new urban renewal and expansion and begin to prosper. The prime areas like NY, San Fran, Austin and Denver explode in value while others simply rebound and prosper over time.

Starts with business wanting to be in an area that either offers tax incentives, population increases whether it is because of weather or jobs, and services that are needed to provide the public with both necessary needs like grocery, drug stores and medical requirements or unnecessary things like entertainment and fast food establishments.

Homes and apartments come first, followed by real estate income property such as triple net buildings like Walgreens, McDonalds, and Auto-Zone.

Investors like steady income with appreciation and not up and down swings like stocks and gold. This is why most wealthy knowledgeable investors devote a significant portion of their net worth to commercial investment property. The tax advantages like depreciation and 1031 exchanges are bonuses that add to the steady income stream.


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