Real Estate Investments: Commercial Real Estate One of the Leading Ways to Invest to Preserve and Maintain Equity Along With Cash Flow!

May 1, 2015

But the difficult part is deciding which part to choose from.

Nnn property, Apartments, Medical Buildings, Warehouses, Offices or Retail-most have several things in common: Income(cash flow), tax write offs, depreciation, appreciation and maybe a headache or two?

The least headaches come from NNN property and the most from apartments. But each sector has their own pros and cons that can affect the negative or positive aspects of chosen correctly. Proper management decisions, solid leases, proper real estate attorneys, real estate brokers and CPA guidance will reduce poor outcomes.

Number of tenants, quality of tenant,structure of leases, will go a long way to gain a successful conclusion. The more tenants like apartments can spread the risk of just depending on one tenant for income but of course can lead to additional problems with number of potential problems.

Warehouse tenants are simple compared to offices and less likely to cause headaches and higher expenses associated with office buildings.


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