Real Estate Investments: Keep Them Simple If You're Middle-aged

Jun 30, 2015

Keep in mind there are numerous reasons young couples have kids.
They have the energy and the hours to devote to the kids.
Their priorities are focused on raising kids and they have many years to maintain or change their kids if their direction is not going well.
What does this have to do with real estate investments?
Well, when you are over 50 and heading to your retirement years it’s NOT a time to gamble on investments that may require a large amount of time, energy, and dollars to make something go right if the property goes sour. How does it change direction from good to bad?

Real Estate Investments Tips: Young vs. Old

Lose a tenant and have to release the space with additional money spent to update the property, pay a leasing commission and sit with a vacancy and no income while carrying the property’s expenses. Younger investors have plenty of time and energy to deal with these issues, while older investors are worn out with past problems that are not acceptable at this age in life. Gambling and risk taking along with additional funds are not up to their alley.
So triple net leases or net net net investments with credit tenants are more suitable for older investors.
Alternative strategies with less dollars invested and no loans and following the top pros in their field is more up their alley. Why try to compete with top pros when you can join them in their investment vehicles not signing on loans or having any cash calls if something goes wrong?
Ira money there are many vehicles for those dollars that are tied to top properties as well.
Keep it simple and easy to control by either allowing a triple net property with a credit tenant to pay you a rent check monthly and take care of all repairs with a long term lease or let top pros guide you into their trophy real estate properties and allow them to run the show instead of you. Just like going to a Doctor for care instead of trying to cure yourself.
Makes sense, especially if you are not a top pro in commercial real estate investment yourself.
This is not the same as buying a property years ago and it went up in value now you consider yourself and expert. Far from it. Pros are investors that have duplicated great overall values over extended periods of time through good and bad economic times.

Looking To Buy Commercial Property?

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