The Smart Way Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate Nationwide

Dec 1, 2016

Since all commercial real estate investors have the same goal of trying to balance their investing strategies while preserving their equity and increasing their chance of higher returns, the most beneficial way of accomplishing this is diversification.

If you already investing in stocks, bonds, gold, commodities or different types of commercial real estate you most likely understand the key to success. Placing all your money in any one of these asset groups is not the way to go today.

This changing world with all its surprises is not conducive to buying one asset group with most of your funds. Owning a rental house or apartments along with triple net property or a diverse sector of commercial real estate investments like senior care, storage, warehouse or office is much more practical.

Westwood can guide you into any of these groups with its connections to all sectors and properties nationwide. Our experts know each industry and will be able to locate the proper asset in any state that would help diversify you, the investor, giving you a greater return, less risk, and a safer avenue then simply putting all your money into one transaction.

nationwide commercial real estate properties

If a retail building with a triple net structure is for you, we have them. If you want to venture into apartments or senior care we have the connections to introduce you to the best in the business. Off market deals and nationwide coverage is what we can offer our clients along with the professional guidance that you need to understand the differences in each sector. Our staff has over 40 years’ experience in all sectors and can answer most of your questions about the various asset groups.

Each group offers a unique set of positive and negative aspects which we point out to all our clients. We don’t stress just how wonderful everything is but explain the possible things that could happen over time that may include a risk factor that the investor is not willing to take on.

Remember most investments should be considered long-term close to 10 years or more and not get in and out with a profit in today’s world fast. Patience and timing are important and haste is a killer.

Using IRA money is a possible way of investing and Westwood can help you with that also. Along with depreciation, appreciation and 1031 exchanges you, the investor, will benefit greatly taking advantage of our tax laws and making sound decisions with our help and guidance.

You always need a CPA or commercial real estate attorney to help out and answer legal issues and tax issues but we are an important part of the team effort to make sure you eliminate mistakes. nationwide commercial real estate investing

We first introduce you to a host of ideas and properties, go over them with you and try to key into the return and risk-reward you are willing to take on investing. Do you want steady income or greater appreciation or sheltered income with less growth potential? The choice always remains with you and we find the solution.

Always remember, learning something new at any age only helps us all gain new insight into a venture, regardless of how well you have done in the past. There is ALWAYS someone smarter and more knowledgeable than each one of us.

The smartest thing any of us can do is be receptive to new and advanced ideas that take the place of old and obsolete ones, that maybe worked in the past but may not be appropriate today based on age and risk.

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