Soft, Quiet And Off Market Listings – What Do They Mean For Real Estate Investors?

Apr 20, 2017

If you have been around for over 45 years like me, you have a great chance to gain the confidence of owners nationwide, developers and brokers that will share these off-market commercial real estate deals with you.

This is so because they know you have the investors who can perform at any price level and professionally without wasting their time.

These type of soft or quite listings are those where owners prefer to go to select pros without the public websites and chain brokers who will send them a barrage of unprofessional investors bothering them and causing harm to their tenants and reputation.

Daisy chain brokers who give to one person after another and make life miserable for the owner with unprofessional behavior and buyers that are not qualified.

The privacy of the sale is important to many affluent owners and they prefer 1031 buyers first who must make a deal not looking for a steal with low ball offers.

Westwood Net Lease Advisors attracts these 1031 exchange buyers and other sophisticated investors nationwide for all asset groups, from a few hundred thousand to several hundred millions in size.

We also know the intricacies of the deals that will shorten the process and get to the bottom line with the purchaser without driving the seller out of their mind. Evaluating correct values for the assets that will greatly benefit both parties and not have pie in the sky hopes and dreams for results.

off market commercial income properties

Calling select buyers for prime property and being able to converse with factual details will hasten the process of a completed sale along with providing the proper due diligence to the potential investor.

Having a real estate license availability for the majority of states is essential to be able to get the job done in a professional manner.

Being able to answer most questions about the property without bothering the owners and getting to the bottom line before submitting a Letter Of Intent for consideration is essential.

If you don’t know the answer you can find out from the real estate attorney or CPA and have the owner provide upfront any skeletons in the closet such as:

  • environmental issues,
  • easement issues,
  • lease problems,
  • title issues or
  • compliance violations in the city the property is located.

By understanding in advance all the typical concerns buyers and sellers usually have for any property, preparing for these negative questions is a priority for a professional real estate expert. This allows the deal to get to the finish line without the hardship of wasted time for either the buyer or the seller.

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