Top 10 Software Tools For Commercial Real Estate Investors

Nov 1, 2017

As tech becomes more sophisticated, commercial real estate investors are embracing the chance to let the software take some of the load of vetting a new property, of managing locations, and of selling.

Here’s a list of ten popular commercial real estate software programs investors are using to maximize their productivity.

1. RealData

RealData Software for CRE Investors

Excel-based software designed to help investors with small and large portfolios.

  • Real estate investment analysis – professional

Looking for financing or equity investors, or need to deliver a killer proposal to a client? RealData’s new enhancements to REIA will help you make your case with more compelling presentations to lenders, partners, clients, and customers.

Evaluate your investment property with RealData’s Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Professional Edition software, now in a brand new 18th edition.

With its easy-to-learn, user-friendly interface REIA gives you detailed financial reports to show the true investment potential of commercial and residential income properties.

Analyze Properties Anywhere: Easily adjust international currency symbols, metric measures, use Canadian loan amortization, and hide US-specific tax calculations.

  • Real estate investment analysis – express

Evaluate investment property and make compelling presentations with RealData’s Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Express Edition, Version 2.

As a successor to the popular REIA Ultra-Lite software, this compact, professional tool is ideal for new investors and for all who deal with residential or commercial properties. Calculate after-tax as well as before-tax cash flows and sale proceeds.

  • Commercial / Industrial development

If you are developing an apartment building, shopping center or other commercial property from the ground up — or if you’re renovating or expanding an existing property — then the “CID” app can be an essential tool as you plan your project, evaluate its feasibility, solicit partners, and seek to finance.

Accommodates any income-property project: office, retail, mixed-use, warehouse and multifamily housing. Quickly assemble your hard costs, soft costs and financing details into a professional development pro forma.

Simply enter your data into this powerful, Excel-based real estate development program and create compelling presentations to support your project’s viability to lenders and partners alike.

Version 6 adds a completely new mode of analysis to CID. You can still take advantage of the “classic” CID style but now you can also choose a new month-by-month mode that includes partnership analysis.

  • On schedule

On Schedule is a unique and powerful tool for professional real estate developers involved in land & housing subdivisions or condominium projects. Use this versatile and effective software to build a month-by-month estimate of construction costs, development costs, development loan utilization and repayment, project absorption, partnership distributions and more.

Buying incomplete/abandoned/foreclosed development projects? On Schedule can help you analyze incomplete properties and evaluate the specifics of a profitable acquisition.

Use On Schedule to evaluate residential and commercial condominium projects, land/lot subdivisions, housing subdivisions, acquisition of existing subdivision projects.

  • Comparative lease analysis

Whenever you have to negotiate a real estate lease, the financial terms are too important to leave to chance, luck, or intuition. Use this simple but powerful tool to determine the terms and conditions that suit you best.

Analyze commercial and industrial real estate leases easily and accurately using RealData’s Comparative Lease Analysis software. Just enter the terms and conditions in this fill-in-the-blanks program and in minutes you can compare the true cost or benefit of up to six scenarios.

2. RealNex

RealNex software for CRE investors

Integrated software solutions that allow you to manage projects from end-to-end, simplify processes, and close deals faster.

Core System

The Core System is a cloud-based software solution that makes it possible for you to work offline and online, syncing your data.

Share listings, maps, photos and leasing documents with clients through their mobile devices. Tenants can view the tour book, rate spaces, add their own photos and notes, and make inquiries. Owners can easily monitor activity and status of deals.


Produce 20-year cash flow projections, DCF analysis, and ROI. Analyze and compare multiple comprehensive lease proposals or consolidate lease expenses, security deposits, CAM and commissions into clean and easy-to-read spreadsheets.

Use our drag-and-drop editor to choose from over 57 different modules to include in your proposals or offering memorandum. Our automated document generation process focuses brokers, owners, and investors on real data that leads to profitable transactions.

3. ProAPOD

ProAPOD software for CRE investors

A real estate investment software program developed so that anyone who wants to can create comprehensive rental property cash flows, rates of return, and profitability analysis and marketing reports quickly and easily…experienced or not!

Concise performance analysis for realtors, sellers, buyers, lenders; dynamic marketing presentations for colleagues and investors.

4. The Analyst Pro

Software for investors that provides analysis reports, property reports, investment calculators, and a variety of maps and tools. Choose from a monthly or yearly subscription.

5. Property Metrics

Real estate analysis software lets you quickly build a real estate proforma for any income producing property. Easily handle complex lease terms with changing rent escalations, lease expirations, reimbursements, tenant improvements, leasing commissions, market leasing assumptions, and even renewal probabilities.

The real-time interface lets you preview your output instantly as you make changes to your assumptions, so you can quickly test out different scenarios on the fly. Generate cash flow projections for banks, investment partners, clients, broker marketing packages, and more – from any computer with an internet connection.

6. Valuate

Valuate is a web-based software service for analyzing and presenting property acquisitions and dispositions.

Valuate software for CRE investors

It serves for buyers as the ultimate deal-screening tool, providing what has always been sought but never before achieved in the commercial real estate, which is pro-forma precision at the back of the envelope speed, on all bases: unlevered, levered as well as a joint venture.

Valuate does so on what is the second half of the financial analysis process, where the first half is generating the property-level operating cash flow projection, and the second half is applying purchase, sale, debt and equity and JV mechanics.

In the case of financial analyses of acquisition and disposition of existing retail, industrial and office properties, Valuate replaces the use of Excel, acting as a companion to ARGUS. In the case of multi-family, hotel and self-storage properties, it replaces the use of Excel for that second half of the analysis.

7. Argus

Argus software provides valuations and cash flow analysis, scenario and risk analysis, budgeting and strategic planning, and investment and fund Management tools.

Gain actionable insight on how macroeconomic changes will affect assets across your portfolio so you can make real-time decisions to better manage risks and optimize performance.

8. High Tower/VTS

The two companies have joined to offer several services to landlords and tenant reps.

High Tower - VTS software for CRE investors

VTS Retail is a retail-specific leasing and asset management platform, is designed to tailor to the needs of landlords and brokers in the retail market. With this platform, users can use streamlined workflow via tenant sales tracking, interactive site plans, asset health ratios, and pipeline management.


BLDUP is a place to get real-time information on construction and real estate development. Browse potential investment projects in the U.S.

10. ProspectNow

ProspectNow helps you identify properties that are most likely to be listed for sale in the next 12 months before your competition does.

ProspectNow’s predictive algorithm looks at hundreds of data points each week on properties that are actually selling…then, the software applies the characteristics of properties that just sold to properties that have yet to sell.

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