Triple Net Property: One Of The Last Bastions Of Stable Income

Oct 19, 2014

Investing in Triple Net Property: Why and For What Gain?

  1. One of the safest strategies to maintain your principal while gaining a fair and consistent cash on cash return MONTHLY.
  2. Tax benefits such as writing off interest on loans, depreciation against passive income derived from your quality long term tenant.
  3. While stocks, gold, silver and commodities are a wild ride which could have large returns over months and wipeouts over days, triple net property is quite boring with steady returns and no sudden ups and downs or wild swings.
  4. Choosing quality tenants with high credit ratings and great locations allows the investor to sleep well at night with no phone calls and a check in the mailbox each month with tax write offs to boot.
  5. Long term appreciation is only a plus and there are no guarantees to any investment today, but at least the track records for these types of investment have showed significant gains over many years.
  6. The language, “Location, Location, Location” has been around forever when purchasing great real estate and still holds true today. If you buy in a key location there most likely will always be a tenant that wants to be there for their business and willing to pay a nice rent.

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