Westwood Net Lease Advisors’ “Grow With Less Equity” Strategy: An Overview

Feb 13, 2014

The programs for our new “Grow With Less Equity” strategy allow investors, owners, and brokers of commercial real estate property to benefit from our ability to:

  • increase their cash on cash return,
  • require less equity for large deals and
  • allow brokers to provide them with alternative advantages by serving as the single point of contact for the investment.

If you need to invest in commercial real estate properties while maximizing your cash returns and putting forward as little equity as possible, using Westwood Net Lease Advisors’ grow with less equity strategy may be the best option. Important aspects of the “Grow With Less Equity” strategy that distinguish it from competing investment strategies include:

  • The investor may cash out of his investment property while keeping a larger percentage of equity in his pocket and maintaining the important advantages of ownership, such as:
    • upside rent potential,
    • leasing and management fees,
    • depreciation and
    • continued appreciation of the asset.
  • Investors and brokers can participate in large transactions – $45 million in assets or more – with our assistance, thus attaining greater cash flow and additional commissions respectively. Listings are not required!
  • Developers that want large projects can acquire proper financing with less equity without surrendering a percentage of ownership in the process. Value-added deals are perfect for such projects; developers acquire buildings and their upside potential in transactions that require far less equity per deal.
  • Small investors can become larger investors and participate in deals they could not do on their own in the past. This allows their investment property brokers to earn additional fees with the same clients.


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